Lovey Smlie Legume All Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelets For Kids ( Green )

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ships from hong kong.Fast and easy, don't waste time slathering on sticky lotions or breathing in aerosols.Fully adjustable breathable microfibre strap will fit child.Attach it to your backpack, hat, pant loop or stroller.Perfect for any outdoor sport such as football, baseball, soccer, volleyball, or golf (whether you're playing or watching).Great for camping, fishing, hunting and even just picnics and bbqs.Also the perfect travel mosquito repellent since it's not a liquid and is lightweight.Stop getting bites with the mosquito repellent bracelet to help repel mosquitoes off and away.Contains four mosquito repellent module, each lasts for over 160 hours.Natural plant essential oil.No deet, plastic or toxic chemicals.Nano controlled-release technology, become invisible to mosquitos with invisaband.Waterproof, perfect for any outdoor sport.(whether you're playing or watching).