Our Story


Hi Babe, my name is Angie Velasco. I am an entrepreneur, creator, and lover of life. When Pikolelie (pee-koh-lay-lee) was founded, my vision for it was beyond what I could ever imagine I could do with this company. Our fitness inspired outfits, accessories, and now an all around Girl Power Movement, is dedicated to you- the fierce, strong, and resilient babe we know you are.

Our goal is to help you feel sexy, empowered, and comfortable at all times. YOU are a beautiful person with qualities only a few possess. You were born to stand out. You were born to lead. You were born to be extraordinary and we want to help you feel that way at all times. We want to open up the doors to a world we know you will adore. 

The better way to fight weakness is with strength. inner strength. Our activewear is just a pathway to get you ready for that fight. Babe, success is just around the corner. I know from personal experience that it's easy to give up when times are hard, but those who do what is easy are never successful. No excuses. No shortcuts, only moving forward. Just keep working. BELIEVE IT!!

Trust me, I have learned my lessons and I am beyong thankful for that, but one thing I know is that when I started working out, I started noticing why people love going to the gym. It's not about that body, it's not about your muscles, it's not about how thin your waist is, it's about the way it makes you feel when you are starting to condition yourself. MENTALLY. 

My goal here is to give you that encouragement, motivation, inspiration, and the willingness to get up, dress up, and hit the gym because not only you will look fabulous, but you will feel fabulous too. 

We got you babe! 


-Angie Velasco 

Founder and CEO of Pikolelie (pee-koh-lay-lee)


P.S- Although our brand focuses mostly on fitness apparel and accessories, we also offer a small variety of other products