Our Story

Pikolelie (pee-koh-lay-lee) Activewear

Pikolelie (pee-koh-lay-lee) was founded to help women from all over the world keep motivated and excited about showing up for their success in their life journey.

Our Girl Power inspired activewear and accessories is dedicated to helping women. We strive to always do something with the best outcome in mind and with a greater purpose.

Our goal is to give back to the world as much as we can, but we can’t do it alone, we need your help, support, and the best part of it is that it won’t take much from your side. We encourage you to keep doing what you love and shop for your favorite items while also contributing to our cause.

Wear your favorite clothes knowing that part of your purchase has found a way back to women in need. We are working on a new program that will help women get scholarships to kick start their career and become that superhero they were born to be.

Whether they want to become entrepreneurs, speakers, artists, doctors, engineers, scientists, biologists, animal rescuers, or whatever it may be, we will be here supporting their dreams. One dream at a time. We are dreamers and we know you are too. Together, we can make it happen!

We thrive by helping women grow and have the support they need, but with your help, we can do that and more. Women empowering women is how we become stronger. We invite you to take part in our Girl Power Movement and let us be known for being the strongest crew the world has ever seen.

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We want you to feel at home here, but what we will be doing is selecting a random subscriber each month and we will be sending a FREE matching set of your choice! What's the catch? Nothing really. As long as you have had a purchase through us, you will be in the running for free gifts each month. Good luck! ;) 

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